Vegan Strudel with Leek and Tofu

- 1 Package of Vegan Strudel crust (120-150 g),
- 3 Leeks (800g),
- 150-200g. Tofu,
- Olive oil,
- Salt,
- Pepper

1. Clean the leek thoroughly, slice it finely. Fry it in olive oil, season with salt and pepper. Add the fragmented into a kitchen robot tofu to the pan and keep cooking for another 2-3 minutes.

2. Outspread sheets for strudel on the kitchen counter, on a baking paper. If the crusts are large, divide them by 2. Grease each crust with olive oil and spread the mixture of leeks and tofu on top so that there is enough for all the sheets. Wrap the roll sheets (You decide how thick they are. The sheets can be split again to make the roll thinner or thicker).
3. Place the rolls on a pre-oiled baking dish. Gently grease also the top of the rolls.

4. Bake in a moderate to hot oven on both sides for about 20 minutes, until golden.

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